Friday, August 8, 2014

Was Your Caffeine Worth It This Morning?! I'm Still Wondering About Mine.... I realized yesterday that "Full-Day Stamina" has clearly not set in for me yet!  What happened to mid morning nap?  And after lunch nap?  My dogs aren't used to waking up to jingling noises from my phone - they were quite disgusted with me.....Let's just say, yesterday was "an adjustment!"  So this morning, I thought I'd start it off a little more purposefully!  I got up five minutes earlier.  I put on my brand new t-shirt about teachers having superpowers, tried to sound a bit more convincing towards the dogs that it was perfectly normal to be getting up at an hour that started with "7," cranked the CD from the Boston concert "Don't Look Back" (intentional), and headed to Starbucks.

Now here is the new Cohort Team Rule:  NEVER STATE IN LINE:  "I HOPE THIS LINE MOVES A BIT FASTER SO I AM NOT LATE!"  "Why, you ask?! soon as I thought that.....the nice lady proceeded to pull the cash drawer out....a tiny bit...too...far...and..."BAM!!!!!!!" YUP!  ALL OVER THE FLOOR!  PENNIES!  NICKELS!  DIMES!  QUARTERS!  BILLS!  IN THE MATS WITH THE HOLES!  IT...WAS....AWFUL!!!!!  I....WAS....DYING!!!!!

SO....DON'T YOU DARE STATE THAT LINE!  How was your coffee moment?!

Have a  great Cohort Day!

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  1. You are a rockstar first of all! Can you believe I don't even drink coffee so I don't even have caffeine in my life, but I NEED IT! Heavily caffeinated tea here I come. I also think you should turn this into a small moment story!