Thursday, April 30, 2015

"I Survived" the Inspired Learning Series!

Okay, so here is my April Blog!  Might as well Blog backwards while the memories are fresh!  This Blogging Slacker needs a plan - so we will start with last weekend!  
I was telling my students how nervous I was about presenting, and they all gave me the perfect solution: “Call in sick!”  I did consider this option briefly (I actually was sick), but I told them that it was, “The easy way out” and “We need to be brave during these moments.”  I was going to have storied for them on Monday, and they would be eager to hear them.
Little did I know how many times I had to find my “Brave Card.”  Let me first start by saying, I had an amazing group of women to support me that day:  Sue Setzer and Maria Banta!  What rock stars!  They were really solid in their presentations and I loved collaborating with them!  I wasn’t two minutes into presenting when a woman announced that she had changed her mind and was going to go to another presentation.  She left, and my heart sunk.  We didn’t have many people in the first place.  She came back a few minutes later “because the class she wanted “was full.”  I told her she did wonders for my self-esteem!  But she had thrown me off.  My hands were shaking - some links I had wanted to share had been recently altered by my students who hadn’t made a copy (like I had instructed them - AARGH)!  Blah, blah, blah….it all felt like a disaster - but I’m sure some points were taken away and helpful.
Then…….I guess there must have been some illicit substance in the taco bar, because I volunteered to do the DEMO SLAM!  Really?!  Me?!  Amongst the EXPERTS?!  The SAVVY ONES?!  OMG!!!  I’m tapping on the Chrome Book (I don’t even know how to navigate the mouse on a Chrome Book - YIKES)! So there I was in front of an auditorium full of people talking about Mystery Skype…’s all a blur!
The best part is that I went back to school on Monday to tell my students all about it!  They are so used to hearing all about my mishaps!  They were mortified about the lady that left (love that we have promoted empathy this year) - and I got to tell them about the lovely email from Penny Potts.  How I was dying in that auditorium, and thought I was blowing it, but she thought I did fine!  I used that as a lesson to them, that even when you feel that everything is going wrong (and that in their lifetime, it is going to happen), that they will get through it, they will survive it, and JUST MAYBE, it won’t be as awful as they think!

Thank you, Penny Potts, for gifting me more than you know that day!  My students ended up applauding my bravery, and they decided I needed to write a book about this cohort experience.  They decided since we love the “I Survived” series, that I should call my book, I Survived the Inspired Learning Series!  I love my kids - and I actually loved that experience!  It taught me a lot about myself and the great people I have learned with on this cohort!

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