Thursday, April 30, 2015

This Slacking Blogger is Back in the Game!

I am very sorry that I have failed to keep up with my blog posts each month.  That responsibility slipped off of my radar!  I will try and make up for it by writing about each month as I recall how I was impacted by my decision to join the Cohort and how I learned to incorporate technology in my classroom.
I vividly remember Dana encouraging me to join this Cohort last year.  I was ambivalent about it for two reasons:  1.  “I was such a  novice with technology, could I possibly hang in there with all of those savvy people?”  2.  “I was terrified about presenting and told Dana about it.  She said, “We’ll see what we can work out.”  I should have realized that was code for, “You will have to present for sure!”  
I can’t begin to tell you how much Dana helped me to transform my world and my whole mindset into a more confident person when it came to technology!  She worked with me steadily every Tuesday afternoon to help me build my webpage.  I used it as my Professional Growth Goal to build an interactive webpage.  That was a huge leap for me, as in all of my previous 9 years at Centennial, I either had had nothing at all, or I had managed to load a picture of my dogs, and to write a simple blurb about myself.
Two people that really inspired me to make my webpage more interactive, were Penny Potts and Erin Gonshor.  They were so patient with me the first day I met them at the first session!  I thought they were amazing!  I couldn’t imagine a website could be utilized so much!  It really inspired me to set the bar higher for myself!  I went home and spent an entire weekend building the basic structures to get my website up and running.  Penny and Erin generously shared so many of their links with me (and I learned how important it was to give them credit on my website for that).
I decided to dedicate a weekend when I wasn’t feeling well, to stay in bed and search different schools and their websites for the best links that pertained to the curriculum that would be engaging for my students and relevant for my parents - I became a bit of a “link junkie!”  It wasn’t as good as a chocolate binge - but it was close!

Well, I have to say, this webpage has made quite a difference this year!  I used it as my weekly newsletter, and kids actually used it from home to practice some fun ways to reinforce Spelling, Math, and Reading!  Thank you, Penny, Erin, and Dana for the inspiration!  xoxo

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